Pokemon Cards – My Pack

Build your own custom pack by selecting the cards of your choice!
Discounts apply based on quantity, so the more you add, the cheaper the price per card!

Looking for something New, Unique, Different?!?!

Something to call your own?!

Look no further because “My Pack” is all of that!!

A Presstine Exclusive, now you get to choose what’s in your pack of Pokemon trading cards. Choose from commons, uncommon, ultras, rares and more and create the pack you want.

Don’t just buy a pack of cards, create it!! My Pack – For You, By You


$0.30 USD


$0.90 USD

Reverse Holo Commons / Uncommons

$0.85 USD

Holo Rares

$1.00 USD


$0.30 USD


$0.30 USD

Ultra Rares

$5.00 USD

Reverse Holo Rares

$1.00 USD

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